My modules at Link Campus University

This sub-section is devoted to students of the Link Campus University of Rome. Please find below the list of my modules.

YEAR RUNNING 2022/2023

Semester 1:

Note: lecture slides are protected. To obtain the password, contact: By contrast, model codes are free and can be downloaded from my GitHub repository.

Semester 2:

Note: lecture slides are protected. To obtain the password, contact:

Academic consultation hours: I am usually available after class lectures. Appointments outside these times can be arranged by e-mail (


Suggested topics for UG and PG dissertations:

  • Unconventional models in macroeconomics (e.g. structural, stock-flow consistent, agent-based, input-output, amended DSGE)
  • Ecological theories of value
  • Ecological macroeconomics modelling
  • Current topics in the Euro Area
  • Endogenous theories of money (monetary circuit, MMT, Bank of England approach, etc.)
  • Financial instability theories (e.g Minsky, Kindleberger)
  • History and philosophy of economic thought
  • Heterodox approaches (e.g. Radical, Marxian, Sraffian, Post-Keynesian, Institutionalist, Austrian, etc.)

New contents 2020/2021

2 Lectures on SFC models

Request the password to access the recordings by contacting:

Short videos from previous years

1) Notes on the IS-LM model, October 2019

2) Notes on commanded labour vs. adding-up theory of prices in Adam Smith, October 2019

Additional contents

This sub-section includes some teaching material (notes and first drafts) I prepared for students of the universities where I worked over 2009-2011. In addition, some ‘pdf presentations’ are available about past seminars and guest lectures. Feel free to download.

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