The Cambridge Trust for New Thinking in Economics
Thursday 28 March 2019
Downing College, Cambridge, UK –
all sessions in the Grace Howard Room

Introduction: In the past few decades and intensified since the global financial crises of August 2007, heterodox macroeconomics has developed apace and its scope has broadened in a number of directions. The purpose of the Trust’s next conference is to review the ‘state of the art’ in heterodox macroeconomics, its strengths and weaknesses and future directions. Heterodox macroeconomics has broadened its scope through gender macroeconomics, ecological macroeconomics and further incorporated income distribution and inequality into macroeconomics analysis. New macroeconomic models, especially the stock-flow consistent modelling have become widely used modes of analysis. Money and finance, monetary policy and fiscal policy as well as other policies have been discussed widely. The focus of this conference will be on all these issues and other as necessary.

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