A small tribute from an aspiring pupil

[Last update: January 30th, 2024]

Augusto Graziani passed away ten years ago. Alongside Pierangelo Garegnani, Paolo Sylos-Labini, and Luigi Pasinetti, Graziani is arguably one of the greatest Italian economists of the modern era. In honor of this occasion, I have compiled some of my writings inspired by his work. To download the PDF files, you will need a passcode, which you can request by contacting me at: info@marcopassarella.it. I hope you enjoy the reading.

1. Tributo di un allievo mancato (2024), Intervento al convegno SVIMEZ in ricordo di Augusto Graziani, download as PDF NEW!

2. Technical change and the monetary circuit: an input-output stock-flow consistent dynamic model (2023), link to original source  NEW!

3. Monetary circuit – Italian School (2023), link to original source, download as PDF

4. It is not la vie en rose. New insights from Graziani’s theory of the monetary circuit (2022), link to original source, download as PDF

5. Sequence and class divide: a reply to the critics of the theory of the monetary circuit (2022), link to original source

6. The theory of monetary circuit: everything I know about it (more or less) (2019), link to original source

7. The monetary circuit in the age of financialisation: a stock-flow consistent model with a twofold banking sector (with M. Sawyer) (2017), link to original source, download as PDF

8. Monetary Theories of Production (2017), link to original source, download as PDF

9. The theoretical legacy of Augusto Graziani (with R. Bellofiore) (2016), link to original source

10. Financialization and the monetary circuit: a macro-accounting approach (2014), link to original source, download as PDF

11. Moneta, finanza e crisi: Marx nel circuito monetario (2015), link to original source, download as PDF

12. Finance matters! Genesi e sviluppo della Teoria del circuito monetario in Italia (2008), link to original source

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